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TPI Screen

The screen involves an assessment of 12 different movements. We assess the Range of movement, the quality of the movement pattern, strength and stability, balance and co ordination.

Client history , current health, lifestyle and goals are discussed to produce an achievable plan to better your golf and overall health.


Custom Built Programme

A programme of exercise tailored to address your limitations. A booklet with instruction and photographs to takeaway.

A 1 hour session to teach and explain each of the exercises to ensure effective practice.


1 to 1 Sessions

A fitness session tailored to your needs. We cover all aspects of fitness, combining Cardiovascular training with full body strength and conditioning.




2 person lesson £40 each (50 mins)


3 person lesson £30 each (50 mins)

Junior rates


Please contact me directly for above pricing on your specific needs

Golf Specific, strength and endurance, prevention of injury or rehabilitation, weight loss, improved health – We can help achieve your Fitness Goals