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No Excuses

Helen SevilleI am one of the crazy people who was born to exercise.

A Passion, a hobby & a job so I am fortunate not to need much encouragement.

It has always amazed me that we are happy to invest huge amounts of time & money in our major assets, our lives, homes or cars but surely one of our greatest assets are our bodies, our physical wellbeing should be top of the list.

Throughout my career I have worked with many age abilities.

I began as a trampolinist, not one of the super talented but enough to get me to international level.

I went to college to qualify as a teacher & taught anatomy at Bournemouth University but always felt I preferred to be hand’s on, I then went on to teach at Pineapple studio’s London in the 90’s – leg warmers and high impact aerobic’s – the whole 9 yards !!!

A health issue bought me back to Bournemouth & left me unable to train as before but this opened the door to rehab & GP referral. I was lucky to take on a mixed bunch of “feisty” seniors with a staggering array of limitations but they proved to me that huge physical gains are out there to be made if you just get up and give it a go !!

My children are golfers – I needed a programme to keep them training & injury free. I studied many theories, but the philosophy that makes simple sense of it all was Titleist. I qualified level 1 & 2 & will complete 3 later this year in the States.

Better body = healthier mind = better quality of life. You have 1 body, you can’t trade it in for a newer model with less miles, or move when the fixtures and fittings look dated – look after it.

Service it regularly – put in great fuel & it will hopefully last you a lifetime.